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As system infrastructure professionals, we connect our clients with vendors to build higher quality systems more efficiently while we continually strive to innovate.

Choosing and Designing the Best Technical Solutions

It’s hard to understate the importance of systems for solving the wide range of problems companies face today. Information technology not only embodies a company’s business strategies—it is also a tool for carrying those strategies out.

Every company needs a system infrastructure in alignment with its business strategies, and it’s important to choose technology that meets the relevant criteria of cost, extensibility, and availability. Companies need to start designing their system infrastructure as soon as they figure out how to systematize their business.

Building System Infrastructure with Standard Technology

It’s important to build system infrastructure with standard technology. By choosing hardware, operating systems, and middleware that are considered to be industry standards, we can improve the quality of the systems we build and do so more productively.

There is a need for systems that use standard technology and can quickly and flexibly respond to rapidly changing business requirements. We draw from years of experience to help our clients determine how to apply today’s standard technology as well as new and emerging technologies to build their system infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and respond to our clients’ questions and concerns; we are confident that we will be a long-term business partner you can trust.

We believe that by using the technologies that are widely accepted as industry standards, by building system infrastructure that leverages the power of information technology, and by choosing and designing IT solutions, we can add revolutionary, high-quality value (the “Re” and “Q” in “Req Technology Consulting”) to your current and future systems.

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Re:Q's Vision