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CEO Message

Req Technology Consulting is a professional services company that excels in building system infrastructure. With flexibility becoming the most desirable trait of a modern IT system, so too is it becoming more important to find infrastructure engineers with expertise choosing and configuring hardware, middleware, commercial software, and standard technology.

The success of any project is often predicated on a healthy collaboration between its infrastructure engineers and application engineers. However, many companies find it difficult to maintain a full-time system infrastructure team. In companies like these, it probably isn’t uncommon for each individual project’s application engineers to also be in charge of building the project’s system infrastructure.

Companies cannot develop expertise building and designing system infrastructure without a dedicated system infrastructure team. As a result, they often encounter problems that this expertise would have allowed them to prevent. We help our clients plan, design, build, run, and maintain IT systems that produce new value by using IT infrastructure features to the greatest extent possible.

Re:Q's consultants and specialists have much experiences in building system infrastructure using IT infrastructure technology. As IT infrastructure professionals, we strive to be the best partner company that our clients—Re:Q's consultants and specialists have much experiences and system integrators—can rely on.

Shigeru Kamiya, CEO
Req Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

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Our name implies that we provide our clients with high-quality systems that use revolutionary technology.


Our name implies that we always respond our clients’ questions to their satisfaction.

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